Creative Habit – Final

Intro Plate

Trump 2016 – Make America Great Again – Shot List

This piece is simply a parody of some of the ridiculous things Trump had said as the election was going on.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 1.41.45 PM

North Korea Satire – Sarcasm is Bad, M_kay? – Shot List

This piece is something I actually really want to make one day. North Korea banned sarcasm. SARCASM. Specifically about Kim Jong-un, but still, that’s amazing. Just using the wrong tone of voice or saying the wrong thing, and that’s the last word you’ve ever spoken potentially. So what if we had that policy in America? Talk trash about a leader and get caught? RIP.

Au Revoir – Shot List

Wrestling and Butts Shot List

The Party-Shot List

Above are some of my favorite shot lists I have made. Honestly, I probably won’t continue doing this during the summer. All it really did for me was stress me out, especially during finals. I felt way more consequences than benefits when trying to come up with a shot list rather than working on a separate assignment.


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