Creative Habit Week 3



First of all, I’d just like to say, the original ideas I came up with I wrote to try to make myself laugh and feel better because finals are actual hell. I don’t believe any of the things I typed are how people should act or behave, it’s just how I imagine the characters I thought up, or two real life people who have not interacted, would act.

Mongoloids Making Meals – Shot List

Ok, this is one of those that was meant to make me laugh. Hopefully someone finds it somewhat as funny as I did. In short. You have a host of a cooking show and a chef. The host is John Doe. The chef is a mentally challenged man or in much cruder terms a “mongoloid.” So the chef would prepare something super simple like a Pizza Lunchable, and explain to the audience step by step how to do it, but also get off task.

Donald Trump & Scott Steiner “Debate” – Shot List

So, imagine if we had someone even crazier than Trump as our Vice President, to run beside him. You say that’s not possible. I say look at the pictures above. Scott Steiner brought a tiger to an arena for a wrestling match, has blood in his HGH stream, and is pretty openly racist and sexist. So I thought it would be interesting if the two argued but found out that they have more in common than they thought and decided to be BFFs and team up together.



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