Creative Habit Proposal

For my creative habit, I am going to write a scene a day. I haven’t decided yet if this will take the form of a screenplay or a shot list. I’m leaning towards shot list, but will explain what goes on during each shot rather than just having a list of shots.

My inspiration will come from music such as Childish Gambino, The Front Bottoms, and Hotel Books. But also ideas I just happen to come up with, if I happen to come up with several original ideas. I have always liked the recut movie trailers people do, like Wall-E as a horror movie or Shining as a RomCom, so maybe I could do something like that as a shot list.

But right now I have the most ideas for songs. Hopefully as I do this almost everyday, I’ll find more things to write shot lists for or even things to reimagine.


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