12 Months and Counting – Week 2



This week I’m contributing to the group by pitching concepts for on location shoots. Below are concepts for 4 of the 7 on location shoots.



Photography Concept

Photography Concept 2

The concept is that the model would have a photoshoot outside, and we would also capture the lighting equipment and photographer in the picture.


Art History Concept

Art History Concept

The idea is maybe we photograph the model posing in several different ways. And present the final image as a 4 panel image with the model shown in 4 different artistic styles.


Fashion Concept

Fashion Concept

The concept is that the model would be wearing something over the top outside, as if they wear it casually. We could even have them walking on some sort of walkway/carpet.

Animation Concept

Animation Concept 2

The concept is that the model will be working in the lab for hours, shown in 4 panels. The image above gives an idea of the last 2 panels. The desk a mess, post it notes/papers everywhere.



For more information, head over to our group blog.


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