Movie Posters: Final

For my project I created a menagerie of movie posters representing the process of cessation. There is a poster for smoking, vaping, and temptation. While some may consider the posters “preachy”, I don’t really mind that. Given the topic of my menagerie, it is a bit difficult avoiding being preachy and I just wanted to create horror movie posters reflecting the horror that is going through the process.

cigs_final cigs-color-script-final

This is the poster for smoking titled “Cigarettes”. It has a release date of March 2015 because that is when I started smoking habitually. I wanted to show a before and after of what happens to your body after smoking for an extended period of time. This is why you see a discolored figure on the right, as well as half of a tarred heart on the right.

vape_final vape-color-script-final

This is my vaping poster titled “Vape”. It has a release date of July 2016 because that is when I stopped smoking and started vaping. The idea of this poster is I am vaping and a cloud of vape out of my mouth. However the vape spells out help above my head. This is because while I have stopped smoking, I am still addicted to nicotine.

temptation_final temptation-color-script-final

This is my temptation poster titled “Temptation”. It says coming soon instead of having a release date because while I am not nicotine free, I hope to be soon. I feel like while trying to quit or even after having quit, the temptation to start again or just have one cigarette is there from time to time. Almost like it haunts young follows you everywhere, that’s what I was hoping to get across with this poster.


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