Cessation/Movie Posters Revised


Cigaretts: This movie poster will still be based off the Silence of the Lambs poster. However I will have one half of my face on the left of the poster and the other half on the right side. Right now I think the left side will show a healthier Damon with a healthier lung covering my mouth. While the right side will show a less healthier Damon, having wrinkles, discolored skin, etc… and a tarred lung covering my mouth. This will be done to represent a before and after. The text will read March 2015, the approximate time of when I started smoking.

Vaping: I will take on a side profile view and have vape coming out of my mouth. I will attempt to use the vape to spell out a word like help or addict in Photoshop. The text will read July 2016, the approximate time of when I started vaping.

Temptation: I will be standing center frame. To my left and right will be arms reaching from the ground holding cigarettes. The text will read coming soon, referencing that hopefully soon I will be nicotine free.


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