Cessation/Movie Posters

16325897_1442699862429518_1449211816_o 16357738_1442700585762779_704710503_o

So I’ve changed up my idea up a little since last week. My topic is still cessation. However instead of videos I’ll be doing pictures. The pictures will be done in the style of three different horror movie posters. I chose horror because I think the genre, to a certain degree can reflect what starting and trying to stop the habit can do to the body. Below are the three movie posters I have found as inspiration as well as an inspirational image I found in the library.

silence_of_the_lambs_ver2    16326215_1442484419117729_1549262630_o

First of all I will be putting a twist on Jonathan Demme’s Silence of the Lambs. I’m going to create the same type of composition, however the text will say cigarettes instead of the title. Also the butterfly will be tarred lungs. Which brings me to my next picture that I found in Under the Microscope: Breathing: How we use Air. I want to use lungs that are damaged but I’m not sure if they should be completely black or look similar to the picture above.


Up next is Rupert Wainwright’s The Fog. Once again I will be making the composition very similar. The fog however will be vape and the text will say Vape/Vaping.


Last is James Wan’s Insidious. Again, I’ll make a similar composition. The poster won’t be an illustration, it will be a photograph. The hands will be holding cigarettes. And the Text will read temptation.


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