I put together a very rough cut with no b-roll added pf my thesis film, “Ladies of Wrestling”.


Done Filming

Hey everyone, I am done filming now. Time to move on to editing. Here are pictures of each of my interviewees.




Almost done with Production

This Friday I’ll be interviewing a wrestler in Pittsburgh. Then Sunday I will be filming a different wrestler’s training session. After I film those two things I should be done filming and will feel comfortable moving on to post production.Jinx

Arnoldfest Disaster & Interview

This weekend I went to the Arnoldfest to record a match. If you cannot tell by the title, it didn’t go well. I ended up going to the convention center rather than the expo center so I didn’t get to film anything that day. I however did get to interview one of my subjects Tuesday. I plan on going to her training when it starts back up near the end of the month to get some B-roll.

In Production Mode

A couple of weeks ago I went out to Fremont to film one of my subjects. I got footage of her training and her match. I plan on going back to Fremont during Spring Break. As for now, I am going to film a different subject March 4th and 6th. I will be filming an interview and a match between those two days.