Thesis Treatment

For my thesis, I want to focus on what defines a gender. I mainly want to focus on transexual and non-binary individuals and the struggles they go through. For research, I have asked a transexual friend if they would help me find people that I could interview. I have also asked my roommate’s non-binary friend if they would help with my thesis and they agreed. As for further research, I plan on discussing my idea with my crew as well as interviewees to see what I should put my focus towards and what I should avoid.

As I mentioned, I have asked my roommate’s friend Emily, to participate in my documentary about gender. Another friend is going to help me find people I can interview. So for who I am going to interview, I only have one guaranteed interviewee. Heather Saunders is helping me schedule this documentary. Dean Jackson will be helping me do lighting. Janelle Moorman will be helping in some capacity, but I am not sure exactly what she will be doing yet. I am not sure where I want to film interviews yet, or what B-roll I would want. Right now I plan on production going from mid February to mid April. How I will get this done, depends on my friends helping me find people to interview, as I am rather uninformed on my subject and am using this as a way to not only educate myself, but my audience as well.

I plan on using mostly my own equipment to film my documentary. I have a Nikon D3400 that shoots in HD. I also have an audio recorder and a boom mic for audio needs. The only thing I need to check out would be lights and I plan on using an interview kit or an LED kit.

I am not entirely sure how the documentary will look yet, but I plan on it consisting mainly of sit down interviews and having my interviewees talk about gender and the struggles they face.

I chose this project because as I mentioned above, I am uninformed about my subject and want to use this as a learning experience. I also want to make this an educational documentary to inform my audience about gender.


Creative Habit – Final

Intro Plate

Trump 2016 – Make America Great Again – Shot List

This piece is simply a parody of some of the ridiculous things Trump had said as the election was going on.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 1.41.45 PM

North Korea Satire – Sarcasm is Bad, M_kay? – Shot List

This piece is something I actually really want to make one day. North Korea banned sarcasm. SARCASM. Specifically about Kim Jong-un, but still, that’s amazing. Just using the wrong tone of voice or saying the wrong thing, and that’s the last word you’ve ever spoken potentially. So what if we had that policy in America? Talk trash about a leader and get caught? RIP.

Au Revoir – Shot List

Wrestling and Butts Shot List

The Party-Shot List

Above are some of my favorite shot lists I have made. Honestly, I probably won’t continue doing this during the summer. All it really did for me was stress me out, especially during finals. I felt way more consequences than benefits when trying to come up with a shot list rather than working on a separate assignment.

Creative Habit Week 3



First of all, I’d just like to say, the original ideas I came up with I wrote to try to make myself laugh and feel better because finals are actual hell. I don’t believe any of the things I typed are how people should act or behave, it’s just how I imagine the characters I thought up, or two real life people who have not interacted, would act.

Mongoloids Making Meals – Shot List

Ok, this is one of those that was meant to make me laugh. Hopefully someone finds it somewhat as funny as I did. In short. You have a host of a cooking show and a chef. The host is John Doe. The chef is a mentally challenged man or in much cruder terms a “mongoloid.” So the chef would prepare something super simple like a Pizza Lunchable, and explain to the audience step by step how to do it, but also get off task.

Donald Trump & Scott Steiner “Debate” – Shot List

So, imagine if we had someone even crazier than Trump as our Vice President, to run beside him. You say that’s not possible. I say look at the pictures above. Scott Steiner brought a tiger to an arena for a wrestling match, has blood in his HGH stream, and is pretty openly racist and sexist. So I thought it would be interesting if the two argued but found out that they have more in common than they thought and decided to be BFFs and team up together.


Creative Habit Week 2

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.23.51 AM.png

Au Revoir – Shot List
Jim Bogart – Shot List
You See Me – Shot List
Zealots of Stockholm – Shot List


This week I did two The Front Bottoms songs and two Childish Gambino songs. The first two were the Front Bottoms songs and the last two were Childish Gambino songs. Again, I spent two days on one shot list, the Zealots of Stockholm shot list. To make up for this I also made a title card for it. I actually made a 10 second video but I couldn’t upload it. So above is a nifty screenshot of a frame of the video.

Creative Habit Week 1

This week I worked on shot lists for three songs and one original idea. The songs were Late Night in Kauai and The Party by Childish Gambino, and Flashlight by The Front Bottoms. I spent two days on The Front Bottoms song which is why there is only four PDFs attached. I might go back to the Late Night in Kauai shot list, as the song is essentially three parts and I only did the first part.

As for the original idea… welp, wrestlers have silly names. One indy wrestler has the nickname “The King of Butt Stuff”. I swear that’s legit. My friend and I tried to contact him to make a funny wrestling video with him. He wasn’t interested, but the last PDF attached is the shot list I had in mind for the video.


Late Night In Kauai-Shot List

TFB – Flashlight – Shot List

The Party-Shot List

Wrestling and Butts Shot List