Creative Habit Week 1

This week I worked on shot lists for three songs and one original idea. The songs were Late Night in Kauai and The Party by Childish Gambino, and Flashlight by The Front Bottoms. I spent two days on The Front Bottoms song which is why there is only four PDFs attached. I might go back to the Late Night in Kauai shot list, as the song is essentially three parts and I only did the first part.

As for the original idea… welp, wrestlers have silly names. One indy wrestler has the nickname “The King of Butt Stuff”. I swear that’s legit. My friend and I tried to contact him to make a funny wrestling video with him. He wasn’t interested, but the last PDF attached is the shot list I had in mind for the video.


Late Night In Kauai-Shot List

TFB – Flashlight – Shot List

The Party-Shot List

Wrestling and Butts Shot List

Creative Habit Proposal

For my creative habit, I am going to write a scene a day. I haven’t decided yet if this will take the form of a screenplay or a shot list. I’m leaning towards shot list, but will explain what goes on during each shot rather than just having a list of shots.

My inspiration will come from music such as Childish Gambino, The Front Bottoms, and Hotel Books. But also ideas I just happen to come up with, if I happen to come up with several original ideas. I have always liked the recut movie trailers people do, like Wall-E as a horror movie or Shining as a RomCom, so maybe I could do something like that as a shot list.

But right now I have the most ideas for songs. Hopefully as I do this almost everyday, I’ll find more things to write shot lists for or even things to reimagine.

12 Months and Counting – Final


Above is the final version of the documentary. I cut out some of the failed first concept footage. I also removed all the audio from the rough cut and put a copyright free song throughout the whole video. For the title/credit cards I used the front/back pages of the calendar. John was kind enough to record some of the work he did for the layout, so I sped that up and put it in the documentary. Danny provides a voiceover for the photoshoot portion and Zach talks about the planning and design of the calendar in the second half.

Calendar Rough Draft


This week our group implemented our plan B and continued shooting at various workspaces. The majority of were done 3/28 & 3/29. Above is a rough cut for the documentary. I plan to add additional interview footage of team members. I’ll ask them what they are working on and show their progress as we wrap up on the project.

12 Months and Counting: Concept Change


This week was rather productive for our group. We location scouted Thursday, had a photoshoot Saturday, and had a meeting that determined the future of our concept Tuesday. I documented our photoshoot Saturday. However we did run into some problems. We couldn’t get the location we initially wanted due to the Saturday morning art classes. A different model cancelled on us that day. Due to that and future complications we may have with securing locations and models, we decided it would be best if we did a series of photos capturing a work area representing each major, in a satirical way. For more information, check out the group blog.